app-dockerfilesApplication-specific Dotfiles3 years
audiocloudWeb-based Audio player3 years
aws-toolsScripts for working with AWS services3 years
cloud-identity-brokerCloud identity broker3 months
cloudfront_logs_packagingDebian package for CloudWatch logs agent3 years
dockerfilesMike's Dockerfiles3 months
dotfilesMike's Dotfiles3 weeks
doxie-scannerLinux replacement for Doxie scanner software3 years
dynamic_dnsSelf-Hosted Dynamic DNS Toolkit3 years
github_mirrorMirroring agent for GitHub repos2 years
go-1password1password OPVault Implementation in Golang3 years
go-dht11-driverDHT11 temperature sensor driver in Go3 years
go_ddns_managerDynamic DNS manager in go3 months
goals_websiteWebsite for tracking progress against goals3 years
golibMike's Go Standard Library3 weeks
mfi_agentReplacement control agent for UBNT mFi3 years
mfi_homekitApple HomeKit integration for UBNT mFi15 months
moin_activityMoinMoin plugin to track project time3 years
moin_markdown_extMoinMoin parser to support checkboxes in markdown3 years
moin_mcrute_themeMoinMoin theme for Mike's wiki3 years
moin_setuptools_pluginsSetuptools based plugin loader for MoinMoin3 years
moin_thumbnailMoinMoin image thumbnail plugin3 years
oidc_proxyOpenID Connect authentication proxy15 months
py_openid_connectPython OpenID connect server3 years
relay-driverLinux kernel driver for GPIO relays3 years
server_binServer setup and utility scripts3 years
temperature_monitoringEdgeOS temperature monitor3 years
url_shortenerURL shortener Bottle app3 years
web_rss_readerWeb RSS reader3 years
website_from_wikiGenerate website from wiki pages3 years
websocket_proxyWebsocket proxy for SSH15 months
avolites_show_cleanupAvolites show file cleaner3 years
chishopPyPi replacement prototype3 years
clepy_testCleveland Python User Group website3 years
code_miningDependency mining for Python3 years
css_compressorCSS compressor3 years
d2D2 building mapping software3 years
django-precompilerDjango Precompiler source from CodeMash3 years
dodai-macsupportDodai data mapper mac support3 years
foundryConfig management system3 years
greenboxFamily recipe site3 years
hd24toolsFilesystem driver for Alesis HD243 years
hv_snowreportHoliday Valley snow report as HTML3 years
iptables_scriptsOld iptables management scripts3 years
kronosTime tracking software3 years
milkmanRemember The Milk Python API3 years
mrbelvedereSystem configuration manager3 years
myturl_clientsClients for myturl.com3 years
obaliePython SVN client3 years
pygithubissuesGithub Issues Python Client3 years
santoprene_designer_siteJavascript based app for material designers3 years
snakeplan2Software planning application3 years
svn_repolistSubversion repository lister3 years website3 years
wordpress_pluginsOld Wordpress Plugins3 years
yardmaster_configConfig for Yardmaster3 years
alpine_aportsAlpine Linux aports, staging area2 years
prometheus_node_collectorPrometheus Node Collector, local patches2 years
websockttyWebsocket TTY, local copy2 years
alpine-ec2-amiPacker builder and scripts to create an EC2 optimized Alpine Linux AMI3 months
calendar_proxyExchange to iCal calendar proxy2 years
designer_siteJavascript based app for material designers3 years
dev_urandomRandom little scripts3 years
go-informUBNT inform protocol in go3 months
hg_hostingScripts for hosting mercurial repositories3 years
hg_sshsignSigning mercurial commits with SSH agent3 years
mmdsMock Metadata Service3 years
nose-machineoutGDB-style output for nosetests3 years
py-rspecSmall Rspec implementation in Python3 years
py_release_toolsTools for releasing Python software3 years
pyapacheApache tools ported to Python3 years
pydepgraphPython dependency graphing3 years
pydoraPython bindings for the API3 months
ses-smtpd-proxySMTP proxy for AWS SES3 months
snakeplanSoftware planning application3 years
st-patchedPatch Suckless Terminal3 months
tiny-ec2-bootstrapA tiny EC2 instance bootstrapper that uses instance metadata3 months
tiny-webappsSome small webapps for random things3 years
ubiquiti_mongodbUbiquiti MongoDB Proxy3 years
ubntmfiReverse engineered Ubiquiti mFI wire protocol3 years
ventriloquySmall static blog generator2 years
viwikiMoinMoin wiki CLI3 years
six_monitoringSeattle Internet Exchange Monitoring3 years