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admin-pagesWIPMike Crute10 months
masterRemove edit linkMike Crute10 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2021-11-24Remove edit linkHEADmasterMike Crute
2021-11-24Fix tag styleMike Crute
2021-11-24Cleanup index templateMike Crute
2021-11-24Use x/oauth2 instead of custom tokenMike Crute
2021-11-24Move credential rendering to serverMike Crute
2021-11-24Restrict service usersMike Crute
2021-11-23Fix JSON tag for User modelMike Crute
2021-11-23Split POST endpointsMike Crute
2021-11-22Add user endpointsMike Crute
2021-11-22Disallow deleting account with PUTMike Crute