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masterAdding cli version of the serverMike Crute12 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2011-05-02Adding cli version of the serverHEADmasterMike Crute
2011-05-02Fixing handling of datesMike Crute
2010-08-05Fixing issue with all day events that don't span days.Mike Crute
2010-08-05Adding support for external password files in home directory.Mike Crute
2010-08-05Added support for organizers, all-day events. alarms and event statusesMike Crute
2010-02-15Oh, uhm... apparently I've got my vim configs messed up.Mike Crute
2010-02-15Removing alarms stuff from config since it isn't used.Mike Crute
2010-02-15Re-factoring commands for better seperation of concerns.Mike Crute
2010-02-15Converting webapp to a wsgi app.Mike Crute
2010-02-15Cleaning up authenticator and adding error checking.Mike Crute