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masterAdd RPM dependency.Vincent Driessen12 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2010-08-11Add RPM dependency.HEADmasterVincent Driessen
2010-08-04Stop walking up the traceback as soon as possible.Vincent Driessen
2010-08-04Changed the implementation of the stack frame selector.Vincent Driessen
2010-08-02Change the documentation value.Vincent Driessen
2010-07-30Allow users to extend unittest.TestCase.Vincent Driessen
2010-07-27Remove the file/method line from the machine output.Vincent Driessen
2010-07-27Remove add_options method, since the variable it stores isn't used anywhere.Vincent Driessen
2010-07-27PEP8ify more and removed unused "import re".Vincent Driessen
2010-07-26Removing more unused doctests stuff. Making internal methods protected.Mike Crute
2010-07-26Basic cleanup, removing unused code, re-organizing for clarity.Mike Crute