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masterFix up file loadingMike Crute10 years
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2012-08-09Fix up file loadingHEADmasterMike Crute
2012-08-09Merge pull request #1 from mpirnat/i-hate-spamMike Crute
2012-08-08Adds example pickle file with spambayes data based on training against real-w...Mike Pirnat
2012-08-08Rudimentary scripts for training spam and ham from stdinMike Pirnat
2012-08-08Adds rudimentary spam checkMike Pirnat
2012-08-08Adds example configuration for spam-fightingMike Pirnat
2012-08-08Added SpamBayes to requirements.txtMike Pirnat
2012-07-29Initial importMike Crute