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masterCleaning up iteration borders.Mike Crute12 years
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2010-07-15Cleaning up iteration borders.HEADmasterMike Crute
2010-07-15Forgot to remove an experiment.Mike Crute
2010-07-15Shining up templates and starting the JS UI.Mike Crute
2010-07-15Adding JSON API.Mike Crute
2010-07-15Adjusting models to reflect new direction in project.Mike Crute
2010-07-15Adding jQuery and jQuery UIMike Crute
2010-07-11Removing unused stuff for now. Will re-create it later.Mike Crute
2010-07-11Removing references to snakeplan in imports.Mike Crute
2010-07-10Tidying up URLs. Still needs some work.Mike Crute
2010-07-10Getting project add and update working.Mike Crute